Dear Miss Sara,

Your presence, energy, kindness, vibrant personality, creativity, dedication, positive and inspiring teaching will be missed.  And now those fortunate little girls in New York City will get to experience what Alana and all her ballerina friends got to have, which is a childhood of wonderful ballet memories to last a lifetime.


Thanks again Miss Sara.  We appreciate you so much and send you all best wishes for your new adventure in New York City.



Thank you for the many years of love and devotion you poured into our girls and countless others.  They have been blessed to have you as their teacher.  May God continue to bless you and your family.

With deep gratitude,

M. G.


Thank you again for setting up Kaylia for such success in something she loves so much with your amazing teaching, dedication, and love.

We just love you Miss Sara! Kaylia's time with you and continuing to dance for this year at your studio has meant the absolute world to her and to me. There isn't one day that she complains about class or length of rehearsals with you and no words can express how much she loves you. You are her greatest mentor.

Thank you!

Much Love & our Deepest Appreciation,

M. R.

I wanted to thank you for all the ways you have touched Sienna. You have helped her blossom into a beautiful young girl, getting on stage and preforming was something that is not in her nature. She talks of you often and I think she still wants to be “YOU” a Ballet Teacher when she grows up. She just told me the other day how much she misses you. You have such a beautiful way with kids and I thank you for being part of Sienna’s and my life. Best wishes in your new adventure.

M. M.

You have been a tremendous gift to our community Sara I can’t thank you enough for the joy you have brought to Addy.

M. H.


Thank you for everything. I truly feel like I've watched Scarlet grow up in your ballet studio- from the first time she wanted to try coming in kindergarten to watching her now get her bun done on her own and walk herself over there, and the sheer joy she got from being a helper this summer. Your studio has been such a haven for her- a super sweet cornerstone of Ross-and nowhere else could she have had the same opportunities as she's had with you. She talks about you all the time and admires and adores you. I cannot thank you enough for inspiring my little girl.

S. C.

Your program on Friday was absolutely beautiful, fun and delightful!  We have participated in a lot of dance schools and many other activities and what made yours stand out on Friday was how sweet you are to the kids, how you rolled with their kid-ness and how you emphasized fun.  It made the experience fun for Carly and a pure delight for her parents, grandparents, sister and nanny.  Everyone in my family commented on how wonderful you made it and how special it was compared to other things we've done.  You have a wonderful sparkle!

C. L.

Thank you for the beautiful introduction to ballet that you gave Jackie …. she loved spending time with you and learning from you.  You are a special part of some of our favorite Jackie-childhood memories.  

C. S.

I cannot imagine a better ballet teacher than you. You have been so wonderful, and I thank you for all that you have taught Sophia. This community is so fortunate to have you locate your studio here. We wish you all the best, always.

R. K.


The performance was a joy to watch.  So nice to see all of the children make such progress over the years.  You give them your all, and it shows.

N. S.

The girls completely LOVE you.  Eden's always talking about you to many people.  You're definitely a star in her world.).

J. S.

Thank YOU for putting together such a beautiful production and for all the hard work and patience you put into teaching our children ballet.  You are amazing.

M. B.